How can my organization license the IoT Security & Privacy Label so we can use it?
We are releasing our IoT Security & Privacy label design under a Creative Commons CC0 license because we want organizations to be able to use the label easily and adapt it to meet their needs. To the extent possible under law, we have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to our IoT Security and Privacy Label.
Am I allowed to use parts of the label or make changes to the label?
You are welcome to make changes to the label or use components of the label. However, if you do so you may not claim compliance with the CISPL 1.0. We do not endorse any revisions to the label that are not published by us on .
How should I acknowledge the source of the label design?
When using our label design or components of our label design, we would appreciate your acknowledging our efforts by citing one of our research papers or the label specification; by acknowledging Pardis Emami-Naeini, Lorrie Cranor, and Yuvraj Agarwal; or by mentioning However, this is not a requirement to use the label.
How should I let you know that I am using the label?
We would be interested in hearing about your use of the label, and will link to selected examples of label usage on our website. If you are comfortable with it we can consider adding your label as a featured example on our website. Please email us at
Will you work with my organization to help us adapt the label for our needs?
Please reach out to us at if you would like us to work with you. We’re busy researchers, but as time permits we are happy to help with efforts to further label adoption.
How can I support further research on IoT security and privacy at Carnegie Mellon University?
If you are interested in supporting our research we suggest you become a CyLab partner. This will provide you with early access to our research (and the research of other security and privacy researchers at CMU) and a variety of opportunities such as attending our annual CyLab Partners Conference. You can also support our research through a gift or a sponsored research agreement. Please email us at: and if you would like to explore ways to support our research and we would be happy to discuss it further with you.